Birthday, Smurthday

Our children are absolutely spoiled. I say this because children have much more today than I did as a child 20+ years ago. Take the birthday party, for example. As a child, I had one birthday party that friends attended. This was when I was in first grade, and I was over the moon that the dreamiest little boy in my class attended. Nowadays, kids have birthday parties every.single.year. Not only are we expected to host a party for our daughter, but we also have to attend the parties of all of our friends' children. That adds up. $$$!

We had a big party for our girl last year. It was her first birthday party, and it was special. This year, we are doing something a little bit different. We wanted desperately to host another big party, but times are tough in this economy and we just could not afford it. Also, we cannot fit everyone that wanted to come into our small home. This leaves our immediate families as the sole guests.

We will end up with 16 people in our teensy, tiny sectioned off house. Still.

I don't know when this trend of hosting huge yearly bashes began, but I would like to encourage a new movement - Let's save the parties for "special" ages (such as 1, 10, 16, 18, 21). Who's with me?