Shopping With Toddler

This little angel went shopping... I don't have the pleasure of seeing this angelic face in public very often. It seems that the past few weeks have been extremely stressful when it comes to getting our little one out of the house. She wants to walk - or run - in the stores rather than ride in the shopping cart. She wants to play with anything that even resembles a toy, and if we don't allow her to play, she works herself up into a frenzy. We can only go to restaurants that have booths because Danger refuses to sit in a highchair or booster seat. She likes to hold cups while she drinks from them, so there's usually a huge puddle on or under our table by the end of the meal.

Do you have similar issues with your child? What works for you? I'd hate to have to take turns leaving the house with my husband, but we just really don't want to take her out in public these days!