What's That Smell?

As you remember, Handsome Husband and I had a bit of an accident last week that has left him on crutches (or on the couch!) and me with a super sore back. While taking care of him and my daughter, I must admit that I have forgotten my household duties. Today, I walked into the kitchen for pretty much the first time in a couple days only to find a suspicious and very pungent odor radiating from the depths of my antique sink. Say it with me now: Ewwwww! I immediately loaded the dishwasher (apparently we have not one, but TWO loads of dishes to run - oops!) and when I reached the bottom of the sink, I found a surprise. I am not sure if you've ever smelled old beans or not, but it's at the top of my "do not ever smell again" list. In fact, I might just have to ban beans from my household altogether!

Anywho, I scraped the rancid bean curd off the bottom of my sink, and will be disinfecting my entire kitchen just to get that smell out of my house. I'd leave the door open, but there's some kind of critter (chipmunk?) family that has burrowed underneath my porch step. The last thing I need is another mouth to feed :(

I still have a bit of a problem, though. I am so stinking sore, husband is crippled, and we haven't quite trained little Danger to clean the house yet (although Handsome Husband did teach her to fetch a bottle of water today.) How do we keep the house from getting so gross when we can barely care for ourselves? Do you have any tips to share? I'd love to read them. Any little bit helps, right?