A Winter Warning

Ice is slippery, mmmkay?! Last night, we had a little bit of an accident. While jaywalking across the street (gasp!), my husband slipped and fell on his back. He was carrying our daughter, and in order to keep her from hitting the ground, he twisted his body so that his leg crunched underneath the weight of his body. Ouch. I darted toward them to pick up my daughter - all I could think about was how she was going to get squished by the car coming down the slippery slope - and ended up on my back, as well. Double ouch.

Our friend saw the whole thing happen and thought that it was quite humorous. I guess looking back at the whole incident, I can agree with that assessment. However, today really stinks because I am taking care of my husband and daughter while my elbow, wrist and hip are so very sore... although not quite as sore as my husband's possibly fractured ankle.

The lessons to be learned from our little accident are:

  • Don't jaywalk.
  • If you must jaywalk, don't do it at night. Or midway down a hill. Or when it is friggin' freezing outside.

Have you experienced any winter-related accidents? Please feel free to share them so that I can stop feeling like such a dunce.