A Holiday Blasphemer?

Yesterday evening, I may have committed holiday blasphemy. I received a Dance Star Mickey toy as a gift, and returned it at Toys R Us for store credit (which came out to $64.19 including tax).

As you may know, the Dance Star Mickey is sold out EVERYWHERE, and many people thought ahead, bought several, and are selling them online for twice the price. Me, I was just glad to get the store credit in the hopes that some other child will be delighted to receive the Mickey as a gift at a reasonable price.

That being said - I have not been paying much attention to the news lately, so I had no idea that Toys R Us was having a 50 percent off the ENTIRE store sale last night from 7-midnight. I shopped at 6 something, and paid FULL retail price for my daughter's Tag Jr. system, Kai Lan Tag Jr. book, Β and Calico Critters toys.

Paying full price for gifts while narrowly missing out on a storewide half-off sale might not sound too bad to you - but to me, it's holiday blasphemy. No one ever pays full price at the holidays, right?