Give Until It Feels Good

Ever heard the expression "Give until it hurts"? I would like to pose a challenge to you, one that I am already dealing with: Give until it feels good. Those of you that I have spoken with know that I do not have much to give. I do not own my own home, and sometimes we have a hard time scraping money together each month to pay our bills (the result of having a commission-only career). One thing that I do believe in fully and wholeheartedly is that if there is any way that I can give back to another family, I am going to do it. There are always people worse off than I am, and sadly, I do not have to look far these days to find them.

I have been struggling with donating both money and food to people lately because, well, I really do not have much at all to give. The old saying "Give until it hurts" was finally getting the best of me, and I was almost ready to give up. Almost.

Then something exciting happened. I was having a conversation with one of my friends and he introduced me to his radical new motto -- to give until it feels good. He opened my eyes and helped me to push back against these feelings of despair. I decided to not just give back as usual, but to give back a little more. We still have money to pay our bills and to buy food, but we also have the satisfaction of helping to make a difference in someone's life, even if only a small one.

Times are tough for everyone, but I would like to encourage each and every one of you to dig a little deeper. You just might be surprised at how much more you have to be thankful for!

In the spirit of the holidays past and future, tell me: How do you give back to the people in your life?