Season's Greetings

One of the most daunting tasks that we are greeted with each holiday season is that of choosing the best way to greet our friends and loved ones. That's right... I'm talking about holiday cards! We struggle with the decision to send or not to send (and let's face it - we always send!). Then we have to decide just who will receive a card, so that we know how many to order. I wish that I could say that the struggle ends here, and that all we have left to do is to address the envelopes and stick the cards in the mail - but we all know that that would be a little too easy. For many of us, this is only the beginning. We now have to plan our holiday pictures. This task is not one that is taken very lightly. Everything has to be absolutely perfect, from our matching outfits to the backdrop to the camera lens. If the annual holiday portrait is not perfect, then one can assume that the family in the portrait isn't perfect, either. Gasp! Such pressure that we put on ourselves to maintain the ideal that one can never quite obtain in real life!

This year, I'm going to relax. I have a toddler, a precious wiggle worm, that will probably squirm and stretch (and scream) while the pictures are being snapped. My hair will most likely come unwound after dealing with such toddler, and I can guarantee that my clothes will have wrinkles. I'm fine with all of this. What's important to me is not projecting the air of perfection, but rather snapping a picture of what I hope represents the slightly chaotic yet so beautifully realistic imperfection that lends my lovely little family such amazing character. The perfection can come later, when my child can learn to sit still for :)

It helps that I have found a great resource for lovely holiday cards. This year, we're using Shutterfly. I have narrowed down my selections to three favorites, but I am pretty sure that I'm going with this one. What do you think?

Have you tried Shutterfly before? I am so excited about giving them a try this year. Did you know that bloggers can get 50 free holiday cards this year? Cute and free cards definitely take the edge off of this hectic holiday ritual... as will a gallon of eggnog :) Which cards will you choose?