Discovering Autumn

I have always had issues with self-confidence. There's a very vocal critic in the back of my thoughts, and the closer I get to age 30, the louder she becomes. I remember bawling my heart out when I turned 22, because I feared that I had nothing else to look forward to. As if the numbers on a calendar, a scale, or any other tool that we use to measure every tangible portion of our lives is of any significance to my life, I have fallen victim to measuring away my life and wasting the best moments of it.


One of the best side-effects of becoming someone's mother is that I now have a fair amount of self-acceptance. I do not expect my boobs to sit up nicely toward my throat anymore, and this is all because I use them to nourish my daughter. That's a pretty acceptable trade-off, in my opinion. My bottom, on the other hand, I cannot explain. I used to pride myself on my nice bottom. Unfortunately for me, there now resides a mass that is more saddlebag than bubble. Handsome Husband, God bless his heart, still loves every single inch of my body, and I have learned to accept the parts of me that I cannot change.

There is still this part of me that wants to do more, be more, than what I am today. My biggest accomplishment cannot be graduating with honors or squeezing out a child. These are things that anyone could do. Until I can find that little niche that only I can fill, I fear that my desire of greatness will go unfulfilled...

The fear lasts only so long as I forget what is most important to me - my daughter. She is a very bright, sweet girl, and I believe that by raising such a person, I am impacting the future of America. Now that is a big accomplishment!

It is taboo to write so much about yourself on a public blog, but I am hoping that by sharing my story with you, I am helping you to find ordinary things about yourself that make you extraordinary. Are you raising up the future great citizens of America? Have you accomplished anything since becoming a parent that you are particularly proud of? I would love to read your stories!

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