Death By Laundry

Ok, maybe I'm not literally dying right now, but I might as well be. My arms ache sooo stinkin' bad from all this sorting, folding, hanging laundry mess. We finally got a new washer and dryer combo, and I have done about 3 gazillion loads since it arrived. The sad part about all this is that most of the clothes I'm fixing up belong to Handsome Husband. The funny thing? Most of the clothes that I'm fixing up belong to Handsome Husband. Where did all of my clothes go? Oh, wait... I had a baby. I am a nursing mom. I can't fit into those shirts with these boobs. But I digress...

My daughter is watching the Leap Frog "Talking Words Factory" DVD over and over while I work on this monstrous mountain of clothing. She tries to repeat after the characters, which is awesome because this DVD is very educational. I swear, my 21-month-old will be reading in no time! :) I really don't mind listening to this DVD repeatedly, either. It is not annoying or cheesy like some other kids movies. In fact, I could take a nap in this pile of clean clothes right now... Sigh. Better to just get this laundry over with.

What do you do to entertain your child while you are cleaning up around the house? Is there a favorite DVD that goes in, or do you find a more creative way of entertaining your little one? I have to keep my daughter distracted from the laundry pile. For some reason, her very favorite thing to do right now is to unfold clothes. That, and try to climb up the piles of neatly folded clothes.

Well, time to restart the DVD. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, just assume that I've fallen into my washing machine.