A blabla Kind Of Day

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend with your little ones! Our weekend was so full of love. We visited with family and some great friends. Best of all, my little Danger got to play dress-up in her Josefine costume!

For those of you that have not yet been blown away by the adorable line of blabla toys, Josefine is a super-adorable elephant. I love elephants, as does Danger, but the best part about this little toy is that she is also a ballerina! Well, I don't know if that is really the best thing about her... her trunk is so cute, and she is a high-quality, soft, lovable toy. You get the idea.

Anywho, I spent countless hours learning to crochet and to make tutus in order to make my Danger her first-ever blabla inspired costume. It didn't turn out exactly like Josefine, but then again, Danger looked really adorable and the differences in costume didn't really matter to her. She carried her Josefine with her everywhere this weekend. I mean, EVERYWHERE, and she was so excited to see and wear her costume that she couldn't stand still. So... all of the pictures are action shots, but Danger was enjoying herself, and that is what is important.

Here's what I made:

  • Pink and white-trimmed tutu
  • Crochet sleeves
  • Crochet elephant-eared hat
  • Crochet trunk
  • Pink felted bow on hat

I had help from:

  • Miss Tights from BabyLegs
  • Pink ballet flat shoes from H&M
  • Depending on which time she wore her costume, a white tank from The Children's Place, a pink top from The Children's Place, or a pink and white striped hoodie from Baby Gap.

This look can be copied easily, even if you cannot crochet or make tutus. You could put a long-sleeved gray top under a white tank, knot up a pink yarn skirt, and of course, add gray tights and pink flats. Don't forget the gray hat!

The most important thing that I put into Danger's Josefine costume was love. It took so long to complete, and was very difficult at times, but this truly was a labor of love. I know that when Danger looks back at these pictures one day, she will recognize that her mommy loves her very much (well, I hope that's what she gets from it!)

Have you checked out blabla toys yet? If not - what are you waiting for? Tell me, which is your favorite?