Toddler Tub Time

It's been an exhausting twenty months, but I am proud to say that my toddler finally enjoys taking a bath! Hallelujah! If you only knew the stress that bathing my little Danger used to cause us, you would understand what a big deal this is. She was never particularly fond of the bath. Whether it was the nudity or the wet, I have no idea. I only know that her fear of the bath grew significantly worse after our visit to the GA Aquarium in April.

At the aquarium, she enjoyed looking at all the fish - except when we tried to walk closer to the displays. My guess is that she was a little disoriented about the fish and the water being so close and not being able to see a barrier between herself and the display. When we tried to give her a bath that night, the screams started and did not let up until just recently.

Does your child enjoy taking a bath, or has your bathroom been turned into a torture chamber of sorts? What did you do to ease your child's discomfort in the water?