Seventh Generation Review and Giveaway

Do you ever wonder about the impact our daily decisions are making on the environment? How about the health of your family? I'll be honest here - I didn't consider the effects of the thousands of chemicals that surround us until I got pregnant with my daughter. That is when I had my sea-change moment, so to speak. Suddenly, the world wasn't quite the same, safe little bubble that I had previously thought. I knew that I had some tough decisions to make and that I had to make those changes fast. That's where Seventh Generation comes in. All of their products are not only people-friendly, but earth-friendly as well! They contain natural ingredients and all have such a pleasant smell, too. Still not quite sold on trying these products out for yourself? I will admit that I have tried some natural products before that were not up to par. I am pleased to say that Seventh Generation has not let me down with a product! I had the privilege to try out some Seventh Generation products for a review.

I received:

  • Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner: This botanical cleaner cut through the grease and grime in my kitchen with ease. I have very sensitive skin, and I could comfortably disinfect the kitchen, living room, and other spaces in my home without irritation.
  • Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner: This product left my sink super clean and shiny. It cleaned off the soap scum easily in my sink. The only way that Seventh Generation could improve this spray for me would be if it cleaned the toilet on its own. I still need a toilet brush. My only real complaint? The bottle leaks. I believe this must have been a result of shipping, as the bottle style is very similar to that of the Multi-Surface Cleaner and I have had no problems with it.
  • Disinfecting Wipes: I LOVE these! They disinfect botanically, and would be a perfect replacement for other bleach wipes. Teachers and parents use disinfecting wipes regularly, and these do a fantastic job without the use of harsh chemicals, like bleach. I use them on my daughter's toys, and I feel at ease when she plays with them after disinfecting.
  • Paper Towels: I really like the color. They are a soft brown color, which naturally shows that they are free of harsh chemical bleaching processes. The towels are 2-ply and stand up to big messes (which as any parent knows, toddlers are prone to make big messes!)
  • Baby Laundry Detergent: Free of dyes and perfumes, this laundry detergent leaves baby's clothes clean and free of irritants. My daughter inherited my sensitive skin, and the detergent does not irritate her skin at all. Fabulous!
  • Chlorine Free Diapers: I wasn't sure about these when I first opened the package. They seem kind of thin and small. They do have a more snug fit than other disposable diapers, but overall, I am very impressed. They are brown, like the paper towels, as a result of being free from chemical bleaching agents. The tabs came apart very easily, which helped me to change my very wiggly, giggly daughter's diaper with one hand. The diapers fit nicely underneath her clothing, and had excellent absorption. My favorite thing about these chlorine-free diapers? They don't seem to hold the wetness away from baby as well as other brands. For those of us that are potty-training, this comes in handy as baby can tell when she is wet. I have to add that she wore one overnight, and did not have any redness whatsoever.
  • Chlorine Free Baby Wipes Tub: I love the wipes! They do not have a weird odor - like the bargain brand disposable wipes do - and they are free from chlorine!
  • Chlorine Free Baby Wipes Refill
  • Reusable Tote

Would you like to purchase some Seventh Generation products and try them out for yourself? Seventh Generation products are available at Wal-Mart, Target, Whole Foods, and grocery stores across the country, as well as online! There are also coupons on Seventh Generation's website!

Would you like to win the same Seventh Generation Natural Baby Starter Kit (filled with full-sized products!) that was featured here? Here's how to win!


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Both Seventh Generation and Classic Mommy remain committed to transparency. I received the same natural baby kit to review at my request. I used each product, and any views or opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was in no way entitled to advocate for, or against, any product in the making of this blog.