Lessons From The Kid

Toddlers can be quite strange at times. Here are a few things my daughter has taught me about children in the past few days:Restaurant food tastes better than Mom's home-cooking. When I make beans for little Danger, she nibbles on a few and then moves on to something else. At La Botana, (my favorite restaurant in the Chamblee area) she devours both her beans and rice in less time than I can eat my chicken taco!

There is absolutely nothing more fun than acting like a kitty cat. Danger drops on all fours, crawls, and meows - while smiling and giggling profusely. I do well to walk and talk on the phone at the same time. Maybe the point here is that kids are excellent multi-taskers? I'm curious to see if that skill diminishes with age, as creativity and flexibility often do.

Piggy banks are underappreciated these days. I had a piggy bank (not an actual pig, but still...) and this was yet another part of my childhood that I wanted to share with my daughter. She has the most adorable pig, and when she thinks the pig is hungry for "moh-nee" she will make a pig sound and reach up for it. Her pig sounds like "noink noink," which is the most adorable little sound. And no, the "noink"ing doesn't stop once she gets her pig and money in hand - she "noinks" her heart out while feeding dear piggy. It is so sweet.

Has your child done anything lately that makes you smile? What lessons have you learned from your little ones? Every moment can be a teaching moment, and it is not just for the child's benefit! Keep warm, my friends.