The Mother Of All Inventions – 2

I am very excited to share a new idea with you all in continuance of my "inventive" Thursday blog series. This has saved my coffee table from ruin on countless occasions (remember the mischief crayon I blogged about earlier?) and has the added benefit of encouraging my child to flex her creative muscles. So... what's this incredible, crafty, brilliant idea of mine? I give you...

The tabletop drawing board!

(I would have included a picture here, but I am having internet issues at the moment and can only upload text at this time. I will add the picture this weekend.)

Here we have a roll of IKEA paper (about 5 bucks!) spread and cut over the top of our coffee table. This saves the table from crayon marks, spills, and snack goo while at the same time keeping baby entertained. I have also found that by sectioning off the paper into distinct areas for different color drawings, I can teach my child more effectively the differences between each individual color. Pretty neat stuff, right?

Our friends love to color on Danger's tabletop when they come to visit, and I must admit, you can find me or Handsome Husband coloring away most evenings. This truly is fun for the whole family :)

Do you have an idea to share with us? I would love to try it out! Who knows - maybe your idea will be featured next!