Green Cheerios

The mischief crayon has found a new way to terrorize our household. I noticed Danger holding the crayon in one hand and a cheerio in another. Since she was just looking at them, I did not think much about it and was just happy that she was entertaining herself quietly. Like every parent knows but sometimes forgets, a quiet child is a mischievous child. I did not notice that she was decorating her cheerios with the mischief crayon until she placed a green cheerio into my hand. Unfortunately, half of her cheerio stash had vanished into her tummy in between times of me looking up to check on her.

What do I have to look forward to here? Is this going to yield the same results as "Fruity Pebbles" or is this going to be something different altogether? Has your child ever eaten a crayon or crayon-decorated product?

On a lighter note, little Danger loves playing on the playground near our home. Loves it!

Have an awesome weekend!