Raising Men

Where have all the young men gone? I ask this not because I am criticizing modern parenting practices but because I am scared for my child's future. I came across a woman's blog today that truly terrified me. She is actively raising her son to be a feminist, as if he should not have any choice in the matter or even take pride in his strengths as a male. This brought on a lot of discussion between Handsome Husband and myself, and we could both agree that the bigger issue here is that boys are no longer growing up to be men. I don't know the right way to describe this modern phenomenon, but it is happening with or without my consent and does not bode well for our future.

One of the definitions of "man" describes him to be an adult, male person that has masculine qualities (i.e. strength or boldness). When you look at the next generation of boys, do you see these qualities often? I don't.

Here's what I see: timid, politically correct males that have a shoe collection bigger than mine. I see males terrified to speak up about injustices because of dominant females. I see males wearing SKINNY JEANS!!! Oh - and let's not even discuss the "guyliner" trend.

My dear nephew that I helped to raise as my own child for the first few years of his life cries and whines and gets rolled over by the girls at school. Is this partially my fault, or are there bigger issues to this picture here?

Are we raising our girls to be "men" these days? Our women have powerful jobs, higher education, and loud voices. We have the power to obliterate "Men At Work" signs on the roads simply because we find them to be 'sexist' and a product of discrimination. What are we doing for our girls that empowers them so, and how can we spread the love to the boys?

Am I missing something here? What are your thoughts on gender roles in society? Do you agree that there is some role reversal going on here, or am I just delusional? :) If you have boys, what steps are you taking to instill "masculine" qualities in them (or is this step even necessary?)