A Bloody, Screaming Mess

I gave my daughter the middle name "Danger" so I suppose it is my fault that she seems to be living up to her name. Let's add another injury to the list, an extremely bloody one that many parents experience with their children yet few can actually name: a torn frenulum.

What is a frenulum? It is the small flap of flesh that attaches the lip to the gum in a couple of places. You can also find one that is under your tongue. Go ahead. Look. Now you know what I'm talking about.

Danger completely severed hers while wandering through our home. She tripped, fell face-first into one of our reusable containers, and became a bloody, screaming mess. The good news about this injury is that it is not a serious one, and repairs itself without the need for stitches or other interventions. Unless it becomes infected (which is very rare) these injuries go away quickly. The bad news about this injury is that it bleeds a lot, which can be terrifying for both parent and child.

My child will heal, and I am so grateful that she injured her frenulum rather than, say, her eyeball.

What do you do to comfort your child when he/she gets injured? Do you have any natural remedies to share for bleeding wounds?