New Hair, New Danger

Team Bradshaw is making lots of changes in the spirit of the new year. The biggest change (so far!) has been Danger's big hair cut. She took off 9 inches from her gorgeous blonde locks and is more adorable than ever. While I enjoyed the comments that people made regarding Danger's long hair, I have not enjoyed the tangles. Her hair was constantly getting into her food or finger paint - or worse, wrapping around her scarves and necklaces. Sometimes I'd look at her and see only the heavy weight of the world resting on her sweet shoulders.

We waited until Danger requested a hair cut three times before making the appointment, just to make sure she was really ready for the big change.

First Hair Cut, Age 4

Danger loves her new hair, and I love that she has a little more freedom to twirl and dance without a mess of tangles getting in the way.

Atlanta friends, if you are looking for a great hairstylist, please consider my lovely friend Payal at 21 Instyle Beauty. She is amazing!

21 Instyle Beauty 
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Norcross, GA 30071 
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How old was your child at his/her first haircut?