When A Blocked Gland In The Eyelid Turns Scary #ChildHealth

Poor thing. Danger has been going through a lot lately. She's adjusting to having most of her toys packed up in moving boxes in anticipation of our next big move. She's starting a new year of homeschool (with first grade math! Woot woot!) And now, we can add eye issues to the list.

Unfortunately for us all, we still don't quite know what to do about Danger's most pressing eye concern: a chalazion that turned to cellulitis. Not only that, but her lovely doctor was kind enough to do a full eye exam on her when we brought her in last week for her chalazion, and we discovered that she would indeed need glasses. (She got those peepers from her papa!)Β 

Eye #ChildHealth

Now for the difficult part: Our first line of treatment per doctor's orders was to try hot compresses on her eye to loosen up the build-up of the chalazion, which resulted in her eye being completely swollen shut. It was painful to look at, and I cannot imagine the terror and pain that Danger struggled with. There's not another way of curing this thing naturally, so we are taking a wait-and-see approach -- while eradicating her infection with some serious antibiotics.

While turning to nature's robust pharmacy seems like an ideal to strive for, sometimes what we really need is a dose of reality. For instance, would acupuncture or activated charcoal be an effective treatment? NO! Would an organic diet of eye-nutrient rich foods, like carrots and tomatoes, have prevented Danger's current eye condition and resulting infection? NO! (And just to put things into perspective here, Danger is on a very healthy diet. I have yet to meet a child with as health-conscious diet as she).Β 

So we turned instead to the manufactured oral antibiotic and eye gel that are supposed to work wonders on her eye. We put our trust in the pharmacist to fill her prescription per doctor's orders, and to inform us on how we are supposed to dose, deliver, and store Danger's medications --- only to be let down by an inept pharmacist that placed a sticker label over a very important text on the bottle: Keep Refrigerated. As a result, her medication was left out on the shelf for over 36 hours at room temperature, which decreased the medication's efficacy.

While modern medicine isn't always perfect, and there are certainly side-effects to the medications that we are assigned, children should not suffer the consequences of a brainless pharmacist at a big-name pharmacy. While we aren't entirely sure how this oversight will affect her treatment, things are most certainly better than they were just days ago.

An Update On Danger's Eye

The swelling has gone down significantly. She has her eye open most of the time now. Her eyelid is very bruised, I believe as a result of the rapid swelling and pressure, but she doesn't seem to notice. She doesn't cry or scream when we apply the eye gel now, and there have been no adverse reactions to any of her medications.

She does, however, still have the issue of the blocked oil gland that will need to be taken care of soon, but I don't think we can really do anything about it until she heals from this infection. I'm hoping it doesn't get to the point of lancing, because the very idea of putting Danger under for any procedure scares the crap out of me.

But for now, we are enjoying plenty of snuggles, comfort food, and JEM & the Holograms on Netflix. I'd say that even though life has been better, it's still pretty wonderful to me.

Does your child have glasses? Where did you find them? We are going to let Danger pick out her own glasses, and need to find an online retailer that sells pimp frames to suit her style ;)