Those Gray Days

I like the gray days. Days where the sun is tucked neatly behind a velvety curtain of clouds, yet the temperature is just right for outdoor adventuring.

Today has been one of those days, and we took advantage of it.

It was a good day to break out the bubbly (ok, so it was just bubble solution and not something fancier, but a mom can dream, right?) and the sidewalk chalk for an impromptu homeschool lesson in the great outdoors. I'm not sure what that lesson was, but I like to pretend that I was teaching Danger something and not just playing while we were supposed to be learning about something important.


ALEX Toys Monster Bubbles

I saiddd a pip pop the pippie the pippie to the pip pip pop, a you don't stop the POP!...

A little bubble humor. I can't be the only one that gets positively giddy when the sky is gray! No? Moving on, then.

Popping bubblesMaking and popping bubbles is so much more fun with a bubble machine. To be rather honest, the only balloons I've ever purchased for sweet Danger have been water balloons because I don't like to exert my lungs much. My lung collapsed when I was in high school (it was a spontaneous pneumathorax, it happened while I was asleep at my parents' house, and hurt really really bad)Β and to this day, I sometimes have difficulty breathing. Anyhow, Danger gets to enjoy bubbles round-the-clock with this nifty gadget from Alex Toys.

Gray day fun

If any of you have ideas for a homeschool lesson that involves making bubbles (or even just a simple mommy lesson on how to blow up balloons without breathing into them) please share! I hope you enjoy this beautiful day, wherever you are. I guarantee this day will never happen again ;)