A Perfectly Parisian Birthday Party

My sister-in-law just turned eleven, and in celebration, her mother created a perfectly parisian birthday party for her and several girlfriends. The theme: Hello Kitty in Paris. Take a look at the spread!

Hello Kitty Party Food

Parisian Birthday Party FoodMy MIL prepared vegan "chicken" salad croissants and an assortment of fresh fruits and veggies (like strawberries, grapes, carrots, snap peas, celery, red peppers, tomatoes, and more!) for a late brunch.Β 

Eiffel Tower Cake

We all know that the cake is typically the most incredible piece of food at any party, right? Take a look at this gorgeous Eiffel Tower cake! Did she do an amazing job or what?!

Hello Kitty Eiffel Tower CakeWhere most chefs would create this cake with the use of rice crispies or other hardened substance for the tall tower, my MIL is not known to cut corners. This cake is ALL cake and icing! Fantastique!

Birthday Party Crafts

The girls then created crafts using actual clay, which will be baked and then returned to the girls for painting. Why the clay? Take a look at this beautiful garden that served as the backdrop for the party and you'll see why:

Birthday Party GardenThe buildings in this tiny city were created using the same clay that the girls used for the crafts. This lovely garden was complete with Notre Dame cathedral, a marketplace, and several homes and castles.

Thankfully, Sunday was the perfect day to explore the intricate designs of each building, as the weather was warm, sunny, and a little bit windy.

Parisian Birthday Party Castle(This is my daughter, Danger, looking all cute and cuddly!)Β 

What is your favorite part of this elegant Hello Kitty in Paris birthday party?