Wordless Wednesday

I always seem to fail at these Wordless Wednesday posts. I can never seem to keep my mouth shut! While I consider this to be a positive thing in social media, unfortunately this doesn't translate over to my daily conversations. I can deliver one heck of a delicious speech... just don't expect me to be able to make small talk. ANYway (see what I mean??) here are some of my favorite pictures this week:

The Victim

A little boy at the playground decided he didn't want to play nice, so he screamed at Danger and hit her in the face. This was not my daughter's first run-in with a bully, and I know that it won't be the last... but it still hurt to see her upset. This picture was snapped by my friend Aimie. She captured my daughter looking over at the mean little boy after the incident. Tsk tsk to the parents for allowing him to continue playing without being disciplined.Β 

The Angel

This kid knows that she is beautiful, and not just on the outside. She has a heart of gold. I am so proud to be her mommy!

The Lame

This very well could have been the very last picture taken of me, had I not packed some allergy medicine in my bag. Gross, right?! We spent a little bit of time at our friend's apartment, and he - like pretty much everyone else we know - has an indoor cat. My daughter and I are both quite allergic to cats, and I had a really bad reaction. Scary stuff.

What have you been up to lately?