Forget "If You Can't Say Something Nice..." Try These 7 Conversation Starters Instead

I'm going to start this blog with the two most important disclaimer words in the whole entire world: No offense. That disclaimer means that you cannot take offense at anything that I write here, so if you continue reading and start to feel upset or get the crazy-eyes, just stop it. You've been warned... 

Can we PLEASE for the love of macaroni stop writing these "# of things you should never say to _____" blog posts? They are crazy. Makes me think, hmmm... This person is easily offended. And crabby. And really doesn't like people very much. I see these blog posts on a daily basis from bloggers in many niches, and I really don't 'get' them anymore. 

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Snow Mountain At Atlanta's Stone Mountain Park Is An Avalanche Of Fun For The Entire Family!

One of my absolute favorite winter activities is gliding down the snow-covered slopes at Stone Mountain Park. Snow Mountain offers an assortment of slides for every comfort level: 

  • Avalanche Alley - A family tube for guests 36" or taller 
  • Tube Runners - A single-rider tube for guests 42" or taller 
  • Penguin Run - Small, single-rider tubes for guests under 54" 
  • Little Angels - Small, single-rider sleds for guests under 42" 

And if you wanna build a snowmannnn, visit the nearby SnowZone for all-day fun. Supplies are provided to decorate your snowbuddy creation or even build a snow igloo. Fun! 

I shared a few pictures from our recent visit to Snow Mountain on Instagram, but just in case you missed those or want to see some more (yes, there's more!) take a peek at some of my favorite moments: 

Snow Mountain has returned to Stone Mountain Park! Review by Atlanta mom blogger Classic Mommy! 
Snow Mountain has returned to Atlanta's Stone Mountain Park! Read the review by Atlanta Mom Blogger - Classic Mommy! 

You can visit Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park on select dates through February 22, 2015. For the best experience, bring along a change of clothes for when you are finished playing in the snow. You'll just have to trust me on that one. 

What's your favorite winter family tradition? 

As a guest of Stone Mountain Park, my family and I received complimentary passes to experience the event to provide you with an honest review. All opinions come from my actual experiences at this Atlanta attraction. 

Tuesday Favorites: A List Of Top 5 Places To Visit With Children In Atlanta

So many people have asked me what my favorite family-friendly Atlanta attractions are (as if being an Atlanta-area mom blogger makes me some kind of expert or something!) and I always default to the same 5 places. We enjoy exploring the city and surrounding areas - especially places off the beaten path with a little 'quirk' or charm - but I just keep coming back to these same places. So without further ado, here are my top 5 choices for family-friendly fun! 

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I Resolve To Be Unresolved... Or Something Like That. I Don't Know. Decisions Are Hard, Ok?

Happy New Year, friends! I hope that you ended 2014 on a high note. Kind of makes it easier to start the new year, right? 

My life has been full of changes and surprises lately. It's all good things, but I am just figuring out what works and what doesn't, and rearranging priorities to get everything in. I'll tell you a bit more on that later - once things finally settle and start to feel real - but until then... 

What kind of resolution(s) did you make this year? 

I actually did not put a lot of thought into resolutions this year, other than deciding that what I really needed to work on was being less firm with my thoughts and more open to changes in both environment and decisions. 

Sometimes I feel too rigid, and other times, too lost in analyzing the minutiae. So what do I end up doing? Getting stressed unnecessarily. Embracing too many wild preconceptions and stifling my creativity. 


Last year (whoa! 2014 was SO LAST YEAR!) my family and I traveled a lot. Like, a ridiculous amount of family travel. I want to do even more of that this year, because I believe travel really helps to open up the mind - and the future - to possibilities, differences, and other positive qualities. 

Family travel moments from the Classic Mommy blog. 

Family travel moments from the Classic Mommy blog. 

In 2014, my family and I traveled to: 

  • South Carolina
  • Disney World (several times!) and other Orlando, FL attractions 
  • Nashville and Chattanooga, TN 
  • Washington, DC 
  • Maryland 
  • Virginia 
  • Las Vegas 
  • and even embarked on a two-week road trip to Disneyland in California with a stop at the Grand Canyon! 

It was AMAZING to see all of the things that we did on our journeys, and I am so ready for even more sights, sounds, tastes, and people. 

So I'm resolving to be more open. What do you hope to get out of this new year? 

p.s. I am also planning on blogging here at least twice a week from now on, hopefully more. And seriously, you guys?! I cannot wait to share some great news with you all! <3 <3 <3 

Marvel Universe LIVE! Is Coming To Atlanta (+ Video Preview!)

Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Universe LIVE ! is taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new level, with a mind-blowing show unlike anything you’ve seen before. Watch your favorite Marvel Super Heroes including Spider-Man and The Avengers (Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and more) and threatening villains come to life in an action-packed arena extravaganza, coming to Atlanta & Duluth. You’ll definitely feel the energy with cutting-edge special effects, pyrotechnics, aerial stunts, martial arts, motorcycles and more. It’s being hailed as the most technically advanced live show ever. Join Marvel fans of all ages for this once-in-a-lifetime, monumental performance. The fate of the universe depends on it! 

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How To Host A Disney Kids Preschool Playdate For Your Little Princess

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." That's one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes, because it truly inspires me to keep chasing my dreams. Well, I am happy to tell you that I've finally accomplished one of them: I've converted my husband to a Disney Parks fan. Ok, ok... I didn't have to do much, besides getting him to visit the Walt Disney World Resort. The pixie dust took over from there. 

I have been fortunate to host two Disney Side @Home Celebrations this year. The first one was back in February. You can read more about the crafts, activities, food, decorations, and more here. 

Our latest party was my favorite, though. We hosted a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate, featuring Princess Sofia the First. Guests were invited to dress in their royal best for an afternoon tea party.  

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My "Friends" Live On The Internet #StreamTeam

Ok, so we all know what happens during the holidays. We spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and merrymaking with our friends. I'm good with that. My friends are the best! 

But I also have another group of "friends." When Danger and Dre go to sleep, I have the whole entire quiet house to myself to watch some of my favorite friends on Netflix. Sure, I could be cleaning or organizing, but a little bit of ME time is perfectly acceptable, especially during the holidays. 

Check out some of the current titles that I'm streaming on Netflix. Prepare to binge in 3, 2, .... 

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